families for life (fam4life)


Families for Life is a group of dedicated peers sharing their lived experiences with substance use disorders to help guide families toward recovery.


Fam4Life is a group of compassionate people who have found hope on the road to recovery.  We have come together to provide a safe environment and a whole-being approach, to guide mothers and families towards health and wellness.


1.  Offer Service to as many expecting mothers with substance use disorders as possible. 

2.  Offer support to family members and partners cohabiting or living closely with expecting mothers.

Fam 4 Life is a peer support program which provides recovery coaches and peer specialists with lived experience to offer support to expecting mothers in Rock County throughout their pregnancy and post-partum.  


This program offers additional support to cohabiting, or closely knit, partners who are part of the mother and child’s life on a very regular basis.

Fam 4 Life is available upon referral through physicians, social services, WIC, Family Resources, or through self referral.

Fam 4 Life is a non-reporting agency.

Fam 4 Life peer workers help individuals with navigating resources and systems that can provide many pathways to treatment.

Fam 4 Life supports expecting mothers throughout their pregnancy and after delivery up to age three of the child.


Contact Mike Kelly (920) 362-4541




Tel: 608.346.2403

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